Our Product

What is Fortified Rice?

Fortified Rice is all-natural rice that has been fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to improve the nutritional content of the rice. Fortified Rice turns “empty carbs” into “healthy carbs” without affecting the taste, smell, texture, or cooking method.

“Great tasting white rice that’s healthier than brown rice”


  • Tasty

    Taste is the MOST important factor for us. We make sure to utilize the best tasting rice crops to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Nutritions

    Essential vitamins and minerals are added to turn white rice from "empty carbs" to "healthy carbs"

  • Quality

    We source our rice from the best producers and brands from around the world.

The Rice

Ponni Power

The name ‘Ponni’ (பொன்னி in Tamil) literally means ‘like gold’ and the taste of this rice certainly matches that description. Originating from South India from the states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Ponni...
  • Vitamin A

    0.009 mg

  • Vitamin B1

    0.62 mg

  • Vitamin B3

    6 mg

  • Vitamin B6

    0.4 mg

  • Vitamin B12

    0.0012 mg

  • Folic Acid

    0.9 mg

  • Iron

    0.4 mg

  • Zinc

    0.00013 mg