The core philosophy of 45RICE is to enhance the social impact it has on society through its business dealings. We look to work with communities that are disadvantaged to improve their livelihoods through our social impact programs.

Migrant Workers

In March 2015, a study conducted by National University of Singapore CARE exposed the substandard quality of catered food that is being served to foreign migrant workers. The study highlighted the poor quality and low nutritional value of the food that the workers consume. 45RICE will combat hidden hunger, and ensure an efficient value chain so that foreign migrant workers can enjoy healthier and more productive lives.
45RICE provides fortified rice as a nutritious alternative to regular rice. Given that a large proportion of these workers’ meals consist of rice, the use of fortified rice will serve to meet the daily nutritional content required of the workers and to combat hidden hunger.

Seniors and Eldercare

Malnutrition for elderly have serious physiological, psychological, and social risk factors. Studies have shown that at least 1 in 3 elderly in Singapore are suffering from malnutrition. As part of our social program, 45RICE actively partners with VWOs/NGOS, eldercare institutions, hospitals, and nursing homes to ensure that proper nutrition is provided to the seniors through our fortified rice. Working together with dietitians, nutritionists and healthcare professionals, the fortified rice we provide for the elderly are specifically catered with the essential vitamins and minerals that they require. Our goal is for senior citizens of Singapore to be able to lead active and healthy lives with their grandchildren. :)