About Us

45RICE is a social enterprise dedicated to improving lives through nutrition. With the motto, “fortifying every meal”, 45RICE brings essential vitamins and minerals to a bowl of rice, turning empty carbs into healthy carbs. 45RICE completes your wholesome diet for a healthier life.

45RICE takes the innovations of fortifying staple foods like wheat, salt, and milk and introduces it to the most consumed staple food in the world – rice. First, 45RICE sources rice from the best quality fields and fortifies just 1% of the rice grains with essential vitamins and minerals. After the 1% is fortified, it is mixed with the rest of our high quality rice and packaged.

Rice fortification is both scientifically proven and widely accepted as an effective way of providing essential vitamins and minerals. Organizational bodies like the UN World Food Programme , and Global Alliance in Nutrition (GAIN) have recommended rice fortification as a solution to micro-nutrient deficiency that affects 2 billion people worldwide.

Our Core Team

Kevin Moon

Jack Sim

Marine Vignon

Dinisha Chulani

Yannick Foing (DSM)

Regina Moench-Pfanner (IBN360)