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Our Product

"Great tasting white rice that's healthier than brown rice"


We fortify all natural rice grains with essential vitamins and minerals without compromising taste, texture, smell or cooking method. Simply put, our rice is super healthy and no different from the rice you've always enjoyed. Don't worry, it's non-GMO. Our fortification process only requires all-natural rice grains, water, and vitamins and minerals that are naturally occurring.

  • Tasty

    Taste is the MOST important factor for us. We make sure to utilize the best tasting rice crops to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Nutritious

    Essential vitamins and minerals are added to turn white rice from "empty carbs" to "healthy carbs"

  • Quality

    We source our rice from the best producers and brands from around the world.



People in the world are affected by micronutrient deficiency.

Micro-nutrient deficiency is a problem that’s commonly misunderstood (hence the nickname: “hidden hunger”). It’s not a public health concern that only the underprivileged populations in undeveloped countries face. It’s a health issue that affects 1 out of every 4 persons in the world. Even people in the wealthiest countries are affected by it. Hidden hunger limits a person’s ability to live a healthy fulfilling life.


We aim to improve communities through nutrition.

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